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Golf Cart Painting



When you’re ready to enjoy the course, your golf buggy will be! Customizing your ride with a new coat of paint is an inexpensive way to make it feel new again. The most noticeable elements of customization are the wheels and tires, the body color and graphics, and the interior fabrics.

Designed to reflect your Personal Style

The paint job not only determines the color but also how well your golf buggy will stand out on the course or in town. It can be customized with decals, graphics and pinstripes to give it a unique look that reflects who you are. Painting your golf cart is easy and affordable if done right.

There are lots of options available for customizing your vehicle including:

Decals: Decals can be used to create any design or logo that matches your taste. These stickers can be placed anywhere on the body or wheels of your golf buggy to add personality and flair. They can even cover up scratches or dings on your vehicle so it looks brand new again!


Pinstripes: Pinstriping is an option if you want something simpler than decals but still want some sort of decoration on your vehicle without going full


At AMZ Auto Paint, we offer golf cart paint jobs designed to reflect your personal aesthetic and style. Whether your cart is used on the course, around town, for hunting, transporting tools, tried and true workhorse, or anything else, having a custom-painted golf cart improves your cart’s quality and lifespan and adds your personal touch to your prized ride.

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