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Rims Repair and Painting

It is very common to find marks and scratches on the rims of a vehicle. These can be caused by curbs, stones and various pollutants, which damage the paint coating of the wheel rims. This can lead to rusting, so we recommend that you have them repaired at our service center, where they will be repaired quickly and efficiently.


The Process

Deep cleaning of the rims is necessary for the safety of your car. This dirty element can accumulate all kinds of pollutants and dirt (including grease, oil or dust), which significantly reduces performance and stability. In addition, it can cause damage to the brakes due to oxidation that occurs on the rim.

There are two types of techniques for painting wheel rims. The first technique, sprayed on, provides good final quality. The second technique is an enamel roller used with a spray gun. Both methods will provide the same final quality but one of these may be better suited to your particular requirements.



Our work

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