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Color Changing

Customers of AMZ know that we emphasize quality, especially when it comes to changing the current paint color of your car into the dream color you always wanted. We don’t charge you for the extra time and effort.


Your vehicle will come out looking brand new!

What is a Professional Car Color-changing Paint Job?

We call “Car Color Changing those projects where the customer needs to change the car color to customize it or because it suffers and accident and needs to be repaired and repainted. We offer industry-leading paint protection to ensure that your investment stays as good as new for years to come!



How is a Quality Car Color Change Paint job done?
The professional paint process

1- Body Damage Repair

Your car's body needs to be in great condition before any paint can be applied. A leading bodyman will repair any damage and make sure everything is ready for the finisher.

2- Bondo

When your car has been extensively damaged, Bondo is used to fill in the holes, gaps, and deep scratches.

3- Sanding

When the body of your car is damaged free we sand off the existing paint. Once this step is complete, we’re ready to move your car into the paint booth.

4- Primer

A good primer will make your paint job last longer and look better. Think of the primer as the foundation for paint.

5- Sealer

This helps paint establish a stronghold.

6- Paint

In this step, we take the time to apply a fresh coat of paint to your entire car. It’s a delicate process that requires a steady hand — and some serious attention to detail. We’re committed to providing you with the best possible service, whether you’re in for a simple touchup or an all-new paint job.

7- Clear Coat

The top coat seals everything in and gives your color shine.

Whether you need is, we can help!


Do you want a Professional
Car Color-changing Paint Job?

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