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Headlight Restoration



If your headlights are looking dull and scratched, or if you’re having trouble seeing at night due to faded lenses, light up the road ahead with our headlight restoration service. At AMZ, we can restore the finish of your headlights so that they look better than new ones!

Highest Quality Repairs

If you drive at night, your headlights are a vital part of your visibility. Headlights can become scratched, foggy, discolored and hazy from the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental damage. This natural deterioration compromises your vehicle’s appearance as well as your night vision, creating a dangerous situation when driving at night. 


AMZ Auto Paint can improve your vehicle’s safety with our innovative restoration process, increasing the amount of light projecting from your vehicle – while restoring its appearance to showroom condition!

The lenses of headlights are made from plastic. Over time, they can become cloudy and pitting. Exposure to the sun, weather and road debris is a major cause of cloudiness. This unfortunately happens to all plastic lenses over time and even has an impact on the longevity of your headlights.
Are you looking for a way to polish and
clean your lenses?

Come to AMZ Auto Paint and our skilled technicians will eliminate years of damage with a series of detailing compounds. You won’t believe the difference!




Do you need a Headlight Restoration?

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