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Car Polishing or Paint Correction

Auto paint correction is a term used to describe any process that is capable of restoring the gloss and appearance of a car's paint.

In reality, auto paint correction refers to the process of eliminating swirl marks, deep marring, and other paint scratches. While some customers think that paint correction involves painting over imperfections, it does not. What actually takes place is a specialized form of polishing.

The process



​In order to perform auto paint correction, technicians use special compounds and polishes to gently remove imperfections from the vehicle's surface. The goal is to restore the car's finish and make it look new again.

The process of auto paint correction takes several hours to complete because each step requires extra care and attention in order to avoid damaging the vehicle's clear coat or base coat.

The technician will start by applying a polish that contains abrasives in order to remove any light scratches on the surface of your car's paint job. After this step is complete, he will apply another layer of polish so that he can remove more severe scratches from your vehicle's finish.

The last step is called waxing and this is where he applies a protective coating which will protect your vehicle's paint job for several months at a time.

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